Mobile Applications for Network Video Recorders

Watch, search and review video on mobile devices

For on-the-go monitoring, download the free Toshiba Surveillix™ or iGuard™ Mobile Viewer app (ESV Series) for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to deliver real-time video feeds to your mobile device. Login, select your recorder and view live video! The apps allow you to view one camera at a time or four cameras simultaneously if you need to keep a clear overview of a larger area. Plus, you can fully control your pan/tilt/zoom cameras.

To learn more about applications for Toshiba network video recorders, download our Mobile Apps Datasheet.

  • For iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android devices
  • Toshiba Surveillix mobile app is for use with all XVSV, XVSE, DVSE, IPSE, NVSPRO and EAV Recorders
  • Seamlessly view live video for real-time monitoring of up to four cameras
  • iGuard NVR Mobile Viewer (Android) and NVR Viewer (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) is only for the ESV Series
  • Listen to audio transmitted or recorded from an IP camera
  • Time/date search recorded video
  XVSV, XVSE, DVSE, IPSE, NVSPRO and EAV Recorders ESV Series
  Android iPhone/iPod iPad Mac Android iPhone/iPod/iPad
Screen Divisions 1; 4 1; 4 1; 4; 9; 16a; 16b 1; 4; 9; 16a, 16b 1 1
Portrait/Landscape Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
Time/Date Search Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Status Search No No No Yes No No
Event Search No No No No No No
PTZ Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Presets Yes Yes Yes No No No
Screen Capture Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alarm Relay Control Yes No Yes No No No
MP IP Camera Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes