Unauthorized Sales Policy

Why It Pays to Buy Only Through an Authorized Toshiba Reseller

Because of the Internet, security professionals now have an unlimited number of choices as to where to buy equipment. From low-end analog cameras to high-end servers, virtually any type of device can be procured on-line at very low prices. Of course, we know it’s hard to say "no" to a bargain... until you learn what isn’t included, such as warranties, technical support, product replacements and other value-added services that are just as important as the equipment itself. In short, buyer beware.

The support you receive after the purchase of video surveillance equipment oftentimes determines whether or not it was a good or bad investment. For example, no one has patience for cameras that don’t focus, or DVRs that don’t record. At times like these it is good to know you can always turn to the manufacturer for warranty support or technical assistance no matter where you purchased the equipment, right?

The fact is, if you did not purchase Toshiba equipment from an authorized Toshiba reseller you will not receive any after-sale support including our comprehensive two-year warranty. We do not recognize the "gray market" distributors who sell over the Internet. We also can not guarantee the quality of the product. Literally, you are on your own.

The lesson here is simple: To protect your peace-of mind, your facility, and your professional reputation only purchase video surveillance equipment from an authorized Toshiba reseller.

Buying from an authorized Toshiba reseller means you benefit from their invaluable expertise. In addition to the Toshiba two-year warranty, you also get tech support, project registration, and advance replacement of any camera, recorder, monitor, video server, or software. Authorized Toshiba resellers also receive specialized training to qualify them to specify, engineer, and deliver the right products for the job.

To contact an authorized distributor of Toshiba security products, click here.

Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products only sells wholesale products through authorized distributors to ensure that customers obtain proper support and service. If a Toshiba security product is purchased from an unauthorized distributor or other source, including retailers, mail order sellers and online sellers, it will not be honored or serviced under existing Toshiba warranty policy. Any sale of products by an unauthorized source or other manner not authorized by Toshiba will void the warranty on the applicable product.

Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products does not authorize Internet or mail order product sales.

The following websites are unauthorized sellers of Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products products:

  • www.123securityproducts.com
  • www.adorama.com
  • www.alrightdeals.com
  • www.amatteroffax.com
  • www.antarespro.com
  • www.Appliedcomputer.com
  • www.berachatech.com
  • www.Bestbuy.com
  • www.Bottomlinetelecom.com
  • www.buildyourowncomputer.com
  • www.Buy.com
  • www.bhphotovideo.com
  • www.capitolsupply.com
  • www.cendirect.com
  • www.chumdigital.com
  • www.colamco.com
  • www.compuamerica.com
  • www.Compuvest.com
  • www.costcentral.com
  • www.directdial.us
  • www.directlvs.com
  • www.ebay.com
  • www.ecost.com
  • www.elvessupply.com
  • www.fullpcservice.com
  • www.Futurepowerpc.com
  • www.hardwarenation.com
  • www.hookbag.com
  • www.ipsurveillancesupply.com
  • www.iUnitek.com
  • www.libi.com
  • www.Limitedgoods.com
  • www.Neobits.com
  • www.neutronusa.com
  • www.Newegg.com
  • www.neworldit.com
  • www.nextdaypc.com
  • www.nextwarehouse.com
  • www.nothingbutsoftware.com
  • www.pc-canada.com
  • www.Pcrush.com
  • www.pillarsecurity.com
  • www.posglobal.com
  • www.powermax.com
  • www.pricefalls.com
  • www.prosecuritys.com
  • www.Provantage.com
  • www.rakuten.com
  • www.savingsmall.com
  • www.sears.com
  • www.securityjunction.com
  • www.securitystoreusa.com
  • www.shi.com
  • www.shopblt.com
  • www.softmart.com
  • www.Sparco.com
  • www.spytown.com
  • www.surveillance-video.com
  • www.surveillent.com
  • www.surveillent.net
  • www.tigerdirect.com
  • www.universalmania.com
  • www.videocctv.com
  • www.Visioncomputers.com
  • www.walmart.com
  • www.webcamproshop.com
  • www.yohiba.com

Any Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products product purchased from these online merchants will void the applicable warranty.