A & E Support Program

This Program Includes:

The Toshiba Surveillance Architecture & Engineering Support (AES) program is designed for architects, engineers and consultants that specify video surveillance systems. It provides support tools and documents that make it easier to design projects as well as accredited training, priority technical support, equipment evaluations and more.

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AES Specifications

These documents contain comprehensive information on Toshiba IP cameras and video recording platforms.

CAD Drawings

Toshiba CAD drawings in DWG format contain all the measurements you need for accurate system design. Provided for Toshiba IP cameras and video recorders, these drawings make specifying a project fast and easy.

System Commissioning

Toshiba’s Commissioning Service is to support your efforts in delivering an optimal solution to your customers. Our goal is to ensure the system you designed containing Toshiba surveillance products is functioning at its optimal level.

After the surveillance system has been installed, a Toshiba Technical Specialist will visit the site and assist in optimizing the Toshiba IP Video equipment. Refer to the Commissioning Service brochure for qualifications and rules.

Personalized Training

We can offer a variety of training programs for you or your customers including:

  • Online webinars
  • In-person, one-on-one training
  • Accredited training classes

Priority Technical Support

With priority access to Toshiba’s technical support team, you can be assured that your questions will be answered quickly and accurately. Having priority access ensures that you won't be waiting to specify Toshiba products for your system design.

Bandwidth and Disk Space Calculator

Toshiba’s online Bandwidth and Disk Space Calculator help determine the bandwidth and disk space needs for any video project. The ability to export your calculation to Excel and save your calculation provides you with easily accessible tools to specify Toshiba video equipment.


Equipment Evaluation Program

Toshiba will loan you products for evaluation and testing, giving you the opportunity to discover and thoroughly evaluate the quality and performance of Toshiba products.