MySurveillix-Health Monitoring

MySurveillix is a web-based service that manages the health of a Surveillix surveillance system.

It offers several key benefits:

  • Provides critical alerts in the form of an email or text
  • Reports on the health of all systems; daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Provides average storage capacity
  • Takes day & night thumbnail image daily to ensure all cameras are working properly

Health Monitoring

Health Monitoring provides an easy to understand visual tool to quickly verify a recorders health. Define filters for alarms to alert via SMS or email. Fix a problem when it happens and not after critical video has failed to be captured.

Recording Duration

Recording Duration not only gives a visual representation of a recorder’s video retention capabilities, it allows setting a recording threshold and programming alert notification when it is not being met.

Health Chart

Camera Image Verification

Camera Image Verification illustrates more than if the camera is just working. It shows if the camera is recording what it was intended to and that certain functions like IR illumination are functioning properly.

With thumbnail images it is easy to visually verify that a camera is capturing the same image as intended when installed.

Day/Night compare

This valuable service in only available through a Toshiba ProfitMAX Reseller in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

Click Here to download the MySurveillix Brochure.

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