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With available Internal RAID 5 capabilities and field replaceable Hard Disk Drives, the DVSe Series are designed for maximum reliability. The DVSe Series comes pre-configured to allow HDD storage expansion in the field without it needing to be returned to Toshiba for upgrading. Designed to support both video encoders and network cameras, the IPSe Series is a robust network based video surveillance solution in a streamlined 3U chassis. With available Internal RAID 5 HDD capabilities and field-replaceable hard disk drives, the NVSe Series is designed to support network-based cameras. With intuitive setup menus, easy to configure recording schedules, and 6 intelligent search options, XVSe Series DVRs are a hassle free solution for your recording needs. Toshiba's SCS Software is a powerful application designed to monitor and manage multiple DVRs from a centralized location. Toshiba's NVR Software is the next great step in surveillance. NVR Software allows users to connect up to 64 network cameras and/or network video servers per system.

Guidelines for small, medium and large video surveillance projects Click here  

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PC Based Servers
NVSPRO NVSPRO Series High Performance Network Video Servers 8 or 16 removable hard drives for
storage up to 24TB or 48TB
DVSe Series 4U Hybrid Video Server All channel hybrid recorder
NVSe Series 4U High Performance IP Video Server Expandable from 8 to 64 IP cameras
XVSe Series 3U Hybrid Video Server All channel hybrid recorder
IPSe Series 3U IP Video Server Expandable from 8 to 64 IP cameras
SCS PC SCS PC Video Management System Video Management System Multi-Site Monitoring
Embedded Recorders
EHV Series EHV Series Hybrid Recorder Up to 16 analog cameras and 4 IP cameras
ESV Series ESV4 4 CH Embedded Network Video Recorder HDMI output and support for 4 megapixel IP cameras
ESV Series ESV16 Embedded Network Video Recorder Up to 16 cameras
ESV Series ESV16U/32U 1U Embedded Network Video Recorder 16 or 32 channel with 4 removable HDD
SCS Software Central Station Video Management Software
NVR Software Network Recording Server Software Up to 64 IP Cameras
Legacy Recorders