Surveillance Products

Toshiba America offers a complete line of surveillance products, including our Surveillix line of digital video recorders, IP and analog cameras, monitors, and accessories for all our products.


Housings, control equipment, mounting hardware—accessories for all our surveillance and IP video products. Get the most out of your Toshiba Surveillance product with the accessories you need.
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Networking Equipment

PoE, PoE+ and Ethernet switches for connecting IP cameras and recording servers. Tested for full compatibility and reliability with Toshiba IP video products.
NP-TN8PU 8-port Gigabit PoE+ Switch Product by TRENDnet
NP-TN24P 24-port PoE Switch Product by TRENDnet
NP-TN24PL2 24-port gigabit Layer 2 Switch Product by TRENDnet